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Glowscape provides excellence in photoluminescence, egress markings and signage. Our products are made in the USA, environmentally friendly, energy saving, toxin-free and 100% non electric. Save lives & Save money with Glowscape


Should I install Glowscape Signage in my building that is not required by law or code?

Yehoshua Perlstein

Yes. Building and Fire Codes only provide a minimum level of safety. Buildings owners are encouraged to have a professional examine the architectural design of their means of egress to determine whether the building could benefit from egress path markings and floor-level exit signs. Glowscape photoluminescent signage greatly enhances the evacuation of a building in case of:

  • Fire
  • Electrical blackout
  • Storms such as Sandy

Why wait for a law or code to make your building a safe place??