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Glowscape provides excellence in photoluminescence, egress markings and signage. Our products are made in the USA, environmentally friendly, energy saving, toxin-free and 100% non electric. Save lives & Save money with Glowscape


Why do I need GLOWSCAPE photoluminescent signage and how reliable are they?

Yehoshua Perlstein

In a building, smoke from a fire rises quickly to the ceiling and obscures exit signs that are typically mounted above exit doors or high on walls. Catastrophic fires such as the1980 MGM Grand fire in Las Vegas, the 1993 bombing of the NYC World Trade Center, and the 9/11 attack on the NYC World Trade Center in 2001 all demonstrated the need for national regulations to identify the egress path at floor-level with non-electrical signs and egress path markings that are non-dependent on man-made batteries or emergency generators which have been known to fail during emergencies. Photoluminescent signs and egress path markings have never failed and have an unlimited service life.